Software Products


Having a lot of experience and the know-how, the human resources of MIK3 are able to design and carry out complex information systems.

MIK3 from it's foundation is a company of intensity of knowledge. Thus it has developed a lot of customer centric applications and from 2001 it develops integrated information systems that serve specific business needs in large companies.

Today we can find the following integrated information systems in the Greek market : 


Milk Control Management

The MCM information system was designed and implemented following a careful study of the challenges and special needs presented to the dairy industry in Greece, as they were described by the organizations’ personnel. Taking into consideration those issues, MCM accomplishes the following: 

It manages all quantitative, qualitative and financial data of the industry raw material suppliers (farmers).

It collects data from different sources and transforms it into crucial for the industry information.

It offers the flexibility of a modular and highly customizable software system. MCM is a modular software application following the client-server architectural model, and can make use of the existing software and hardware infrastructure of an industry, no matter what it is. MCM is based on strictly defined entities and procedures, which ensure that a dairy industry will continue to operate and thrive under any economic climate.


Sales Force Organizer 

SF.O. is an innovative software system that assists any organization with a sales network to manage it in an integrated manner, increasing thus its productivity and reducing significantly the cost. It takes advantage of all mainstream technology (internet, smartphones, tablets etc.) in order to detail both the organization’s and the competition’s market status leading to better decision making and to improved sales related business practices.

SF.O. is composed of two (2) subsystems:

  • SF.O. mobile is used to collect data from the market place in a structured and coherent manner using available mobile technology.
  • SF.O backoffice is used to analyze the collected data, transform it to useful information and assist in the decision making process using modern data analysis tools.



Copyright Management System 

The Application software CrMS, is managing all the information around the entities that are related with the workflow of a Music Copyright Collection Society or a Music Publisher . Also it is managing all agreements between Writers, Music Publishers and Music Copyright Collection Societies, combined with the effect that they have on the allocation of copyright on musical works.


Personnel Budget Information System 

A system that defines and facilitates the budgeting process of the human personnel of a corporation.

The PBIS information system is designed to automate the process of creating the personnel budget in a company. In this area, all modern payroll systems are incomplete, as they only monitor the budgeting data, without taking into consideration the particularities of the data collection process. PBIS intervenes in that point, the point of data collection and the secure and timely transfer of them to the payroll system used by the company.