CrMS - Copyright Management System



CrMS has won a ‘Silver Award’     in the annual software evaluation “BITE 2017” (Business IT Excellence Awards). 
A complete "Music Copyright Management Platform"  


The goal of the software is a holistic management of all the represented music repertoire, based on the relationships between Writers, Music Publishers and Music Copyright Collection Societies. Also the software is aiming in establishing communication mechanisms between all interested parties and also automating the procedures of distributing rights to the shareholders.

The software CrMS of MIK3 SA, is managing all the information around the entities that are related with the workflow of a Music Publisher or a Music Copyright Collection Society. Also it is managing all agreements between Writers, Music Publishers and Music Copyright Collection Societies, combined with the effect that they have on the allocation of copyright on musical works. With CrMS, all the above information can be sent and received, based on the international standards of Copyright, using CWR files (Common Works Registration file).

In the distributions subsystem, via the software’s mechanisms, the collection and the distribution of rights takes place, based on the usages of represented works and all the related information is presented to the shareholders, with the form of analytical reports, so they can be completely informed about the above procedures.

To sum up all the above, the main goal of the software is the complete management of the represented musical works, the complete management of agreements, in addition with building communication mechanisms between Writers, Music Publishers and Music Copyright Collection Societies and also the automation of distribution mechanisms towards the shareholders.