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Company Profile

MIK3 SA is a dynamic and flexible IT company with headquarters in Thessaloniki, Greece. 

It faces the modern market challenges, based on it's permanently evolving human resources, that functions as a team with the customer, in a diachronic relation of mutual profit.

The human resources of MIK3 have big experience in research, design and effectuation of information technology systems. Taking into consideration the professionalism, the consequence and the know-how, it's human resources constitute the means of constant growth and objectives achievement.

The vision of persons leading the company as well as the one of it's executives, is the creation of information technology solutions and hifh level services, giving the opportunity to it's customers of becoming more competitive in their field.

The company placing the right substructure from it's foundation and having as allies the consequence and the quality, the strategic collaborations and the trust of it's customers, heads with absolute success opening new horizons and prospects.


President  : Konstantinos Kefalas 

He was born in Thessaloniki. He graduated from the Superior Electronics Faculty, the Faculty of Aviation Telecommunications and the Polytechnic Faculty of AUTH. From 1976 until 1997 he worked in IBM as an Enginner of H/W, as an Enginner of S/W and as Sales Man in Northern Greece. During his service in IBM he gained a lot of discriminations and rewards. Was Chairman of the Greek Association of IBM Employees.

From 1997 until 12/2022 he was President and CEO of the company. He is a member of Technical Chamber of Greece, and in the board of directors in the Hellenic Managment Association. Also he is a board member of  "Technopolis Thessaloniki ICT Business Park"  (http://www.technopolis.gr/en/)

CEO : Nikiforos Haragionis

General  Manager : Savvas Tortopidis

R & D Manager : Yiannis Lappas

He was born in Thessalonicki. He Graduated from the University of Macedonia with the Degree of Applied Informatics. At 2000 he gets a Master in Computer Science from University of Georgia, USA. From 1996 until 1998 he participated in the Multimedia Laboratory team of the University of Macedonia.

From 2003 until today he works in the company. In 2006 he undertook the department of Research and Software Development. He is a member of the Technical Chamber of Greece and a board member of the company.

Strategic Partnerships  
MIK3 has formed successful and long-term strategic alliances with international hardware and software vendors.

Certifications & Awards

MIK3 has received awards and certifications that verify its extensive know-how and experience on leading edge technologies.




Advanced Business Parner for IBM Power Systems


Business Parner for POWERTECH products


Certified Partner as "ISV/Software Solutions"


Certified as "Apple Developer"


Certified for  "ISO 9001:2000 / EN ISO 9001:200" quality standars




2001 «For its focus in Northern Greece»

2006 «For Significant Y2Y Growth»

2007 «For innovative «Built on IBM System i "MCM"»

2008 «For Outstanding Performance on IBM System i»

2009 «For innovative «Built on IBM System i "DIGI"»

BITE 2012

2012  GOLD award at “Business ΙΤ- Εxcellence  Awards” for its software "Milk Control Management"  MCM

BITE 2017 2017 SILVER award  at “Business ΙΤ- Εxcellence  Awards” for its software "Copyright Management System" CrMS