Expertises & Know-How



Our Technical Know-How

 Windows Desktop Programming

  • Microsoft .NET

Mobile Development

  Cross-platform tools:

  • Xamarin
  • Apache Cordova

  Specific platform tools:

  • Programming for iOS (Objective C)
  • Programming for Android (JAVA)
  • Programming for Windows (Microsoft .NET)

 Web Development

  Client-side tools:

  • Javascript, Angular

  Server-side tools:

  • ASPNET Core
  • PHP

Database Design

  Relational Database Management Systems:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • IBM DB2
  • Oracle 
  • PostgreSQL

  No-SQL Database Management Systems:

  • Mongo


Our Business Expertise

  • Dairy Industry Management
  • Copyright Management
  • Sales Force Organization
  • Human Resources Budgeting
  • Warehouse Management
  • Project Management


Software Development

Having a lot of experience and the know-how, the human resources of MIK3 are able to design and carry out complex information systems.

MIK3 from it's foundation is a company of intensity of knowledge. Thus it has developed a lot of customer centric applications and from 2001 it develops integrated information systems that serve specific business needs in large companies.                                                                             

MIK3 has developed a number of software products that address specific business needs.

1.2 Custom Software Develoment

Large companies commonly use custom software for critical functions to fill the gaps present in the existing software packages. Often such software is legacy software, developed before COTS software packages offering the required functionality became available.

Having a lot of experience and the know-how, the human resources of MIK3 are able to design and carry out complex information systems.

Research & Developement
The last few years, MIK3 has worked with major academic institutions, such as
the "Aristotle University of Thessaloniki" and the "University of Macedonia", on research programs whose value surpasses over 700.000 €.

MIK3 deals and supports the products of its business partners, which are corporations located       both in Greece and abroad. Its main partners are:


  • IBM Η/WPower System & Storage: MIK3 has been since its foundation an IBM Advanced Business Partner for the AS400/i5 family of products, including the systems themselves, the storage and related software.

  • IBM S/W: Information Management & Data Management: MIK3 is an IBM business partner for the aforementioned families of products. Its executives have been certified from IBM for theirs skills.

​     SOTI.

  • SOTI.: MIK3 is a resseler  for the SOTI Platform  regarding the managment of mobile devices.


IT Consulting

ΜΙΚ3 as an integrator of information technology solutions, provides all the essential services of installation planning, customization, training and support for all the represented products. At the same time, with it's Research and Development team, it has the ability to provide solutions to every problem you have in the IT area. With the experience and the accumulated knowledge gained over the years, it is able to provide consulting services. 

With such services, we believe that we cover your demands and we set the foundations for a long time and beneficial relationship. For more information, you can contact the Sales Department at the number 030-2310804850 or by email at